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Relaxation TechniquesGary. I can't thank you enough for the Relaxation Techniques Audio Programme. I was having a huge amount of trouble sleeping at night and this was seriously impacting my work during the day. You gave me control of my noisy mind with immediate effect. I now enjoy deep relaxing sleep and I struggle to remember what it was like before. In addition I have found that the conversations I have in my head during the daytime are of much higher quality too. What a great bonus! Thank you again.
Rich Waterman
Get Rich! Coaching and Consultancy
Stevenage, Herts

As a professional hypnotherapist and transformational mentor I rarely come across other products I can confidently recommend. Gary, your brand new system is of such a high standard that I wouldn't hesitate in urging everyone who needed it to use it. Quite simply; if you have a noisy mind you need to get Gary's system NOW! You'll be glad that you did".
Jason Jackman
Frimley, Surrey

I would like to thank you Gary for the wonderful relaxation techniques CD which I have been using to shut my noisy mind up. It really did work for me when I had so much going on round and round. I don't have to use it so much now as I have the relaxation techniques to calm myself down and concentrate.
Thank you Gary you really have made a difference to my conscious and sub-conscious mind.
I would recommend anyone to use it who has loads going on in their life as most of us do.
Sacha Selcuk,
Medway, Kent

Like most people nowadays, my lifestyle means I often find myself juggling multiple balls and as a result have real difficulty relaxing for fear of dropping one. I found Gary's audio program invaluable as it taught me a new relaxation technique which enabled me to compartmentalise and park issues without fear of losing them giving me space to clear my mind and emerge refreshed. Highly recommend. Thank you Gary
Pete Bennett
London Translations Ltd

The best nights sleep I’d had in ages! I usually can’t sleep after an orchestra rehearsal I find my body is still in playing mode and usually end up lying in bed mentally repeating the session I just had until the wee small hours. So I thought I’d try and tell MY mind to shut the PHK up. So after a particularly physical rehearsal I come home put the CD on and…. I wish I could tell you all the good points about the CD but it had me out for the count and I had the best nights sleep! That’s how good it is!
Martin Nicholson
IT Consultant

Channeling Guided Relaxation TechniquesChanneling Guided Relaxation Techniques

When you want to relax it is sometimes difficult. Sometimes we need outside sources to channel us to relaxation. Spas and hot tubs are great relaxing resources having bubble jets that target areas of the body to help you relax, but they can be expensive or only available at a leisure centre or health spa. These are great for relaxing the body where the heat feels good on the muscles and bones, but can be impractical if you need to relax immediately.

Battling Stress through channeling guided relaxation:
Stress can cause many problems. Stress affects us physically and mentally. Stress can lead to high blood pressure, headaches or various ailments throughout the body which can lead to more sever problems or depression.

If you cannot afford a day at the spa or enjoy hot tub relaxation perhaps, you can substitute.

How to substitute for relaxation:
If you do not have immediate access to a day-spa or hot tube, try drawing a hot bath and add some bubbles. Place a few candles around the tub, especially candles designed to promote relaxation. Try adding fragrances of Rosemary which channel throughout the room, sending an impact on the body and mind. Tests have found that aromatherapy scents can help those suffering depression and anxiety through instilling a sense and instinct that help instill relax emotions and moods and so on.

Rosemary is one of the leading fragrances designed to help you relax. According to studies, the brain waves and its frequencies also respond to lavender oils. People have reported that the scents increase the alpha waves in the brain. Jasmine is another great fragrance, since it has proven to increase the beta waves in the brain. This helps to promote alertness, which is another great way to relax.

When a person is alert, they do not feel confused. When confusion is removed, it guides you to relaxation. In your bathroom, you might enjoy a hot bath with various scents and fragrances to help you relax.

Due to rapid changes in our environment, millions of people are searching for ways to reduce stress. Studies show that those who manage stress can reduce risks of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, migraines and more.

Aromatherapy oils are easily available, and when used whilst taking comforting baths you will relax. If you need more, try dimming the lights and play soft music. Use a Relaxation Techniques audio recording to help give even deeper senses of relaxation.

Walking to reduce stress:
Walking is a great way to reduce stress. After sitting long hours at the office, whilst driving or standing in one place, your muscles are tensed. You want those muscles to relax so that you have flexibility. Flexibility is a great way to promote guided relaxation. Loose muscles and joints promote health, and help you to reduce stress.