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Relaxation TechniquesGary. I can't thank you enough for the Relaxation Techniques Audio Programme. I was having a huge amount of trouble sleeping at night and this was seriously impacting my work during the day. You gave me control of my noisy mind with immediate effect. I now enjoy deep relaxing sleep and I struggle to remember what it was like before. In addition I have found that the conversations I have in my head during the daytime are of much higher quality too. What a great bonus! Thank you again.
Rich Waterman
Get Rich! Coaching and Consultancy
Stevenage, Herts

As a professional hypnotherapist and transformational mentor I rarely come across other products I can confidently recommend. Gary, your brand new system is of such a high standard that I wouldn't hesitate in urging everyone who needed it to use it. Quite simply; if you have a noisy mind you need to get Gary's system NOW! You'll be glad that you did".
Jason Jackman
Frimley, Surrey

I would like to thank you Gary for the wonderful relaxation techniques CD which I have been using to shut my noisy mind up. It really did work for me when I had so much going on round and round. I don't have to use it so much now as I have the relaxation techniques to calm myself down and concentrate.
Thank you Gary you really have made a difference to my conscious and sub-conscious mind.
I would recommend anyone to use it who has loads going on in their life as most of us do.
Sacha Selcuk,
Medway, Kent

Like most people nowadays, my lifestyle means I often find myself juggling multiple balls and as a result have real difficulty relaxing for fear of dropping one. I found Gary's audio program invaluable as it taught me a new relaxation technique which enabled me to compartmentalise and park issues without fear of losing them giving me space to clear my mind and emerge refreshed. Highly recommend. Thank you Gary
Pete Bennett
London Translations Ltd

The best nights sleep I’d had in ages! I usually can’t sleep after an orchestra rehearsal I find my body is still in playing mode and usually end up lying in bed mentally repeating the session I just had until the wee small hours. So I thought I’d try and tell MY mind to shut the PHK up. So after a particularly physical rehearsal I come home put the CD on and…. I wish I could tell you all the good points about the CD but it had me out for the count and I had the best nights sleep! That’s how good it is!
Martin Nicholson
IT Consultant

Do you keep asking yourself... How On Earth Can I Relax?Do you keep asking yourself… How On Earth Can I Relax?

Does trying to relax become an extra stress, anxiety or pressure because you want to, but just can’t seem to?

Does your Noisy Mind never shut up?

Relax, Refresh, Refocus NOW
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You need relaxation techniques that are the most simple, proven system 
of how to relax
that also Releases Your Creativity, Positivity and Productivity for Your Personal Profit !

Relaxation Techniques helps you Tell Your Noisy Mind…Shut the PHK UP !

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Relaxation techniques sample

Is this you?

Stress relaxation techniques

  • Can’t seem to switch off and relax - so don’t get the best from your weekends…
  • Need to concentrate but feel as though there are too many things going through your mind - which makes it difficult to keep up at work…
  • Feel tense and can be a bit edgy with those around you even though you try not to – and this makes you feel bad…
  • Can’t focus – need to concentrate but just can’t seem to get in to it…
  • Wake up not feeling refreshed – so you start the day feeling more tired…
  • Just feel drained at times – need the energy to get going, but it just isn’t there…
  • Wake up in the middle of the night and things start going round in your mind, and the more you try to stop, the louder they get – which then makes you more stressed as you can’t switch off and sleep…
  • Want to have a courtship, but can’t even focus on your relationship – want to feel more like it, but even the physical side of you is suffering…
  • Try to relax, but it just doesn’t seem to work as soon as you start to switch off, you tense back up again and start going through things – so you feel like you are on a carousel…
  • Feel like you aren’t making any headway – seems like no matter how hard you try, you just keep standing still…
  • Want to enjoy your vacation and holidays – but can’t stop going over all the stuff that happened at work…
  • Are desperate to feel relaxed and refreshed, but can’t remember the last time you did – and really really want to get back there…

If I were you, I’d be thinking…

How come I tick so many of the boxes?

Its simple, so many people do…

…want to know how to relax but don’t know where to start.

Now you can

get the simplest and most effective relaxation techniques program that Releases Your Creativity, Positivity and Productivity for Your Personal Profit.

The simple truth is this

The main reason most people cannot relax is they can’t switch off their Noisy Mind – many relaxation techniques focus on the body or the world around you…
…but as your mind tells your body what to do and not the other way round, what chance do you have?

Plus, if I have to read or watch something and have to remember just how to do it, I have to concentrate…
Stress relaxation techniques

So if I have to concentrate, how can I possibly switch off?
How can I relax if I can’t switch off?
Why is it so difficult to find proven relaxation techniques to help me simply do this?

The reality is
Most people have a Noisy Mind

Most people want to relax
Most people do not know how to overcome the combination to the two…

Do you?

People say to me

“so how do I
know it works?”

This is the easiest thing in the world

for me to answer.

Picture this

You have three major problems you need to fix Stress relaxation techniques
…you seem to wake up for 1½ hours each night and they start to come to your mind that very second
…and then you start to get that song going through your head which just won’t quieten down…
…and no matter how you try to get comfortable, you cannot relax, switch off and get the rest you rightly deserve
…and each time you turn over you just can’t settle – you feel as though you have started to relax and as soon as you get the feeling…the noise starts again…
…and because you can’t switch off, even though you are trying SO hard, this becomes a pressure too and it just adds more to the worry of…

How on earth am I going to get through tomorrow? Relaxation technique for stress and anxiety

Well that was me, sort of…except I was probably double: People can’t believe when I say I would usually have half-a-dozen things going on in my mind, as well as a couple of songs making it even more noisy…and being awake for a couple of hours each night and I got to the point where I was almost shouting out loud

I Need this to STOPPPPPPPP now !

…but no one could tell me how to, so I went on a quest to find out.

I can’t stand any of these warm and fuzzy mamby-pamby methods;
I need something strong, works and is quick.

This discovery changed my life:

Relax Your Noisy Mind I found the reason I couldn’t relax was I had a noisy mind, and it is up to me to take control.

Is this rocket-science…No !

But do most people think they can control their noisy mind…No !

The more you read and concentrate on trying to implement something like this, does it work…No !

I guess like me
you are strong minded…
and like me you need to find relaxation techniques to dominate your noisy mind so you can learn how to relax, refresh and refocus

So, what I did was
 I decided
To tell my Noisy Mind…

Relaxation Techniques


Well, I researched as much as I could about relaxation techniques – and realized the printed word was difficult to comprehend.
I watched countless videos, but as TV is a stimulant and you have to keep your eyes open, how can you relax.
I studied Power Hypnosis, looked in to NLP, understood personal goals and the effective habits of those around me.
I came to the conclusion before I could learn how to relax, I had to take control in a simple, effective and fulfilling way.

The relaxation techniques I developed for myself do indeed work, and you can get there too.

So, firstly, you HAVE TO decide to

And then take action.
If you don’t do it for yourself, no one will do it for you.

Does it work?
It works for me and countless other people
I use my active mind to be more fulfilling in my everyday life, to be more competitive and productive in my professional life and be more committed to my personal life.
I turned myself around, and NOW use my active mind to my benefit, for my family, for my job, for myself.

The relaxation techniques I developed are the ones I use every day in my own life, this way I know they work – so I can truthfully say:
Releases Your Creativity, Positivity and Productivity for Your Personal Profit.

I bet you’re thinking

…but everything seems totally overwhelming at times, I have such a problem with relaxing, I need a powerful solution,

Well, Now You Can…
get THE solution that is quick, easy and effective.

What to do next:
Decide you are going to take control, so you must

and then download your copy of the audio program: Tell Your Noisy Mind…Shut the PHK Up !

Relaxation Techniques shows you how to relax, so you feel refreshed and refocused, whether you need to sleep better or just be able to take 20 mins out to get you going and focused again.

You get all of these Tracks:

Track 01: Introduction to Neuro-Symbolism (05:04)
Track 02: Quieten Your Noisy Mind (14:55)
Track 03: Wake Up to a NEW You (01:09)
Track 04: Using the System in Your Everyday Life (04:06) …Bonus Track Value: $4.97
Track 05: Quieten that Song in Your Head (01:52) …Bonus Track Value: $3.97
Track 06: Sleep Well… (08:51) …Bonus Track Value: $5.97

YOUR audio copy means YOU actually do just this… in just 20 minutes from listening to the first track!

and remember:

as this is an audio program, you don’t have to learn anything, read anything or remember anything…

…which helps you relax, refresh and refocus even further.

“These Relaxation Techniques really work”…


Many thanks and take care,


Relaxation Techniques – How To Relax, Refresh and Refocus